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At Aayana we offer you yoga that perfectly suits your nature and need. Here we have everything from the classical Hatha to the contemporary Aerial.

Gentle yoga

Wondering how to begin your journey into the world of yoga? Gentle Yoga is the answer.

Hatha Yoga

Experience the power of yoga in its ancient form.

Power Yoga

As the name suggests, this is a powerful form of yoga that focuses on the breath as well as fast-paced movements.

Yin Yoga

If greater flexibility is what you are looking for, the Yin Yoga is the right choice.

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Experience the power of an ancient system to transform you from what you are to what you could be.


  • Asana is predominantly a physical practice. Hence, safety and security are major criteria. At Aayana, we have well-experienced trainers who know what is best for the student.
  • No doubt yoga is an ancient science. But at Aayana, yoga is delivered in such a way that it suits the modern lifestyle without losing its essence.
  • The purpose of yoga is growing through harmony. When this happens, one experiences natural flexibility, strength and pace. This is the path Aayana encourages the students to follow.

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Aspiring to be a yoga trainer? Then Aayana is the perfect place for you. We offer teacher’s training in different types of yoga.

Memories of Change

Everybody has a story of how yoga changed their lives. From freeing themselves from the shackles of chronic illnesses to finding

hope, strength and happiness within themselves.

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We conduct regular retreats and workshops throughout the year in different parts of the country.

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Our Yoga Adepts

Meet our team of experts and get to know how yoga changed their lives.

Regeesh Vattakandy

Chief Yogi

Namaste! When I started doing yoga in 1991, it was for the pursuit of magical powers which I read about from books. But it didn’t go well for long and I abandoned it after 6 months. The second coming to yoga was for the pursuit of happiness.

The second coming to yoga was for the pursuit of happiness. I was not happy with the way my life was going, only later to realise that I was clinically depressed. The glimpse of happiness from the earlier experience of yoga, combined with my insight drew me to yoga again, but more genuinely and regularly. That was the turning point for a new life to me. I gradually became happy, life became more beautiful. I experienced the confident, balanced side of my personality. This transformation made me want to take yoga as a profession, to share what I experienced with others.

My search for deeper studies of yoga continued. I stayed one year in Amritanandamayi ashram, where I experienced the bhakti form of yoga and its effects on my personality. I could connect with my emotional side, realised how bhakti  yoga can instantly change the state of mind. I soon realised that yoga is a vast discipline and that learning should never stop. My eagerness to explore other traditions, led me to the Bihar School of Yoga, where I completed my masters in yoga psychology.

I started teaching yoga full time from the second half of 2005 in Bangalore. Then I moved on to Malaysia in 2006 and the experience of teaching there exposed me to modern styles of yoga such as Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga. In my classes, I was able to reconcile the more traditional Indian approach with inputs from the moderns styles. Eventually, I started training yoga teachers there in 2009.

Even though I was already an experienced teacher and trainer, a part of me was always eager to continue my studies of yoga from different perspectives. In my personal journey to fulfill my quest to know more I undertook many other courses like –

Advanced Teachers Training in pranayama from Kaivalyadham, 2 months Residential program in Osho International Meditation Center at Pune, Vipassana Meditation course, Laughter Yoga Teachers Training Course, Thai Body Works, Yin Yoga Teachers Training Course, Train the Trainer Program, YLTP course by Art of Living and Yoga Anatomy Course by Leslie Kaminoff (Ongoing).

The journey of Aayana Yoga Academy started in 2013 when I felt the need to set up my own place to teach and train future teachers. My teaching style emphasises on a safe and meaningful practice, is practical and  relevant for today’s lifestyle and leads students towards health of the body and peace of mind. I conduct teacher training courses, workshops, advance classes and I guide yoga teachers. I am always available to anyone who is in need of help and direction.

As a teacher, I believe in showing the many beautiful facets of yoga, not just the asana practice. I counsel and encourage each student to appreciate their strengths and their weaknesses, to try to see their true Self, not just the illusion, to lead a happy, healthier and peaceful life. Nothing compares to the deep rooted sense of satisfaction that this gives me. It gives me a purposeful direction, a path to my life….the very essence of the word ‘Aayana’ in Sanskrit.

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Chief Yogi

Mrinali is an Internationally trained  Yoga Teacher – RYT 200, RYT 500 hours . She completed her bachelor’s degree in information science , but soon discovered that her true calling was yoga. She has been practising and teaching yoga

from the year 2010. She is also a part of teacher training programs , specializing in the anatomy and physiology of yoga asanas and movement.

She is certified from  Yoga Synergy (Australia) ,  in  Applied Anatomy and Physiology.

Wanting to further her understanding of the human body , she went on to complete a course in thai yoga massage ( level 1 and level 2).

She is a certified teacher in  power yoga , hatha yoga  , vinyasa yoga , yin-yoga , pranayama and meditation.

She also practises Vipassana Meditation. Having more than 4000 hours of teaching to her credit , she brings with her a deep passion and curiosity for yoga and its philosophies. “Wanting to make yoga approachable and attainable to students ” is her motto .

Being an avid animal lover , she worked as a certified pet groomer.

“To me yoga is more than just postures , philosophical tenets or esoteric ideals, it  is an opportunity to foster awareness , to get to know myself and on a practical level to make more conscious choices in my life”.

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Yoga Master

A soccer enthusiast. Yoga was not by choice. After I started working, I hardly had any time to play.I started yoga as an alternative to soccer. Since then there was no turning back, I got hooked. Yoga made me feel stronger than i seem


, smarter than i think and braver than i believe.


I decided to do my teachers’ training @ Aayana. After the course, I was offered a job to teach and work with them.

I decided happiness over money! As they say- If you can do what you do best and be happy, you are further in life than more people.


I always used to think too much and feel too little. But its the other way round now.

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Yoga Master

Armed with a graduation in engineering and a post graduate degree in business administration as well as a diploma in Journalism, this Yogi inspires others to step into their own heart’s calling. During his 3 years of corporate work experience,

Yuva had a disillusionment of sorts. Thoughts on what’s the point living like a rat, of spending long days at a desk job, health complications, no quality time with loved ones, a larger purpose in life started gnawing his spirit. It was during a 3 months sabbatical that Yoga found Yuva! Like a breath of fresh air in his life, Yoga brought more positivity and peace. His interest in exploring alternative therapies peaked and a 200 Hr TTC from Aayana Yoga in the Himalayas followed next, a 300 Hr TTC a couple of years later, thus embarking on the journey as a yoga teacher.

Having completed his Aerial Yoga Level 1 and 2 Training, under an international teacher, Yuva’s flight as a yoga teacher has literally soared off!

He has interest in Yoga for Special Needs children and people in the autistic spectrum. He is experiencing tremendous enrichment and is passionate about Somatics and exploring movement to heal children with disabilities.

With his heart into yoga, he is on a drive to do something more purposeful with his life. For Yuva, every yoga practice is a journey towards the heart – an attempt to heal and discover our truest self.

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