Ancient yoga for modern times


Self transformation is a journey. It takes place when we become aware of the laws of nature and live a life in harmony with the universe. This is happiness. This is peace. This is wisdom. Instilling this knowledge among people is Aayana’s vision and purpose.


In the stressful world we live in, the mind is overworked and the body loses its momentum. This disharmony is the root cause of all maladies. How can there be happiness when there exists an imbalance between the body and mind? The human body is like a canvas that expresses different emotions. If you don’t express you lose the richness of life. Each body position conveys different emotions. If you cannot put your body in that position your mind cannot be happy. With this body the happiness you experience is limited.

Yoga addresses these anomalies in the most organic and effective way by:

  • Helping the body regain its natural flexibility
  • Helping the body get back to its original pace
  • Aligning the body, mind and breath
  • Moving towards subtler states of consciousness

At Aayana, it is our endeavor to bring about powerful and tangible changes in your life through yoga.