Hatha the way to a healthier you

Hatha the way to a healthier you

Through Hatha Yoga one can witness symptoms of optimum health namely a robust constitution, excellent digestion and elimination, sound sleep, proper functioning of body systems, calm nerves and a happy mind.

Hatha age old wisdom to keep body and mind fit

The two main components of Hatha Yoga comprise of asanas or postures and Pranayama or extension of breath. Diseases result when there is a blockage in the respiratory and circulatory systems caused by diverse factors. Asanas supply energy and circulation to the human body. Be it rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, liver/stomach or intestinal ailments, the postures irrigate the system and wash away impediments.

Pranayama accelerates the balance of the five elements present in our body thus detoxifying and nourishing the body. Our physical and psychological well -being is ruled by the secretion of hormones by our endocrine glands – thyroid, pituitary, pineal, adrenal, thymus and gonads.

Hatha helps in regulating the endocrine system as well, providing for harmonious body functions.

Incorporate regular hatha for enormous health benefits

The modern world today stands in awe of the enormous health benefits of Hatha Yoga. it is to be noted that since every individual’s physical constitution is unique,Hatha Yoga asanas have to be incorporated accordingly under the guidance of an experienced teacher.
Health benefits of Hatha Yoga-
Detoxification is an instant result of putting the body through bending and twisting positions which release toxins accumulated in the organs
Spine health  is achieved by keeping the spine flexible and arresting age related deterioration
Boosts immunity  by increasing the efficacy of lymph drainage thus improving the body’s ability to fight infections
Combats stress induced ailments  that result in debilitating health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension
Helps cure respiratory disorders such as asthma, sinusitis,lung infections and similar complaints.through engagement of full lung capacity breathing while in asanas and during pranayama.

Hatha yoga for pain management

he human physique is beset by a plethora of chronic pain conditions such as migraine,arthritis, fibromyalgia, spine injuries, autoimmune disease and so on, Hatha Yoga has been found to be of enormous help in addressing such issues because of its ability to stretch and strengthen muscles and joints. A well planned combination of postures and breath control as advocated by Hatha Yoga can be used to release the body from the stranglehold of painful conditions.

Get rid of back pain through hatha yoga

Hatha for back pain, a standard Hatha Yoga session involves mindful breathing and stretches that build core strength and joint mobility. Though it primarily addresses the physical body, Yoga gradually permeates into the neuro-endocrinal systems triggering deep relaxation both at the physical and physiological levels. Deeper breathing patterns, stable blood pressure, subtler brain wave patterns, subjugated muscle tension and a slower heart rate that result from Hatha Yoga exercises, relax and energise while endowing vitality and strength. As the nervous system calms down , pain subsides.

Lower back pain is related to the musculo-skeletal system and is usually caused by postural defects caused by incorrect seating for long hours, sedentary habits, vitamin deficiencies or deep muscle tension as a result of one’s stressful habits and lifestyle. Hatha Yoga influences all these concerns and provides adequate remedy at every level. Under expert guidance, a person suffering from back pain can learn asanas that need to be taken up and those to be avoided along with pranayama and meditation.

Remedial recommandations from hatha

The therapeutic nature of various asanas guides one to customize them to remedy health conditions. Hatha recommendation for diseases, certain asanas are a huge help in getting relief from afflictions which do not respond to medication or other form of treatments. Yoga shows different ways of stretching and contracting muscles and joints along with measured spinal movements to relieve trauma.

Back ache relief  can be approached through stretches and twists such as Ardhakati Chakrasan and Ardha Matsyendrasan, strengthening through Bhujangasan and Shalabhasan, and relaxing with Makarasan and Shavasan.
MIGRAINES diminish and vanish with regular practice of slow stretches of neck and shoulder, Jala Neti Kriya,Nadi Shodhan Pranayam and Yoga Nidra
Hypertension control can be achieved using techniques such as Chandra Bhedi Pranayam, Yogic Breathing and postures such as Baddha Konasana, Veerasan and Viparita Karani help in bringing hypertension to moderate levels.
Knee pain needs to be treated by strengthening surrounding muscles by practising Pawanmukthasan series .
Autoimmune disease which causes inflammation and pain in the tissues can be subdued by moderate yoga stretches such as Adhomukha Shwanasan, Supta Baddhakonasan, Supported Upavistakonasan, Kapalbhati and Shavasan.

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