Hatha for the young and the old

Hatha is a lifestyle enhancer for all

Hatha is a lifestyle enhancer for all

When it comes to adapting a health regimen to improve one’s quality of life, nothing comes close to making Yoga a part of daily routine. The asanas and pranayama methods are designed to improve muscle tone, improve cardiovascular health and maintain an ideal state of physical and mental wellness. Hatha Yoga lends itself efficiently in keeping the body disease free and the mind stress free. Research has proved its vast benefits that can be enjoyed equally by children, teens and adults alike. Hatha Yoga is for all, irrespective of strength and flexibility issues, body structure or the stage of life one is in. With poses that are easy to master because of their simple nature along with the feel-good factor they provide, Hatha Yoga provides a format with which to build stamina, immunity and will power.

Moulds young and supplie physiques

Children and young adults can reap long term benefits by taking up Hatha Yoga. A healthy and a life full of vitality is to be had through practice of asanas by kids. These include simple poses that are to be implemented with conscious breathing. Pawanmukthasan movements which help remove stagnant energy and improve venous blood flow are easy and simple to follow and they endow tremendous health advantages. Cat, cow movements, Downward Facing Dog ( Adhomukha Shwanasan) Tree Pose (vrukshasan) Crescent Moon Ardha Chandrasan), Eagle Pose, Side Plank are some of the basic asanas for children. The movement, flexion and balance provided by these Hatha postures keep joints and muscles toned, build resilience , create postural balance leading to graceful body movements and calm the nervous system.Channelising energy into positive habits and shaping physical aspects for stability and strength combined with a steadfast and focused mind is what Hatha has to offer to youngsters.

Hatha suits both men and women

Hatha Yoga poses can be modified with ease to cater to the needs of both genders. Interestingly, ancient India did not witness the participation of women in Yoga which was considered an exclusively male domain. Modern age is witnessing a role reversal with yoga classes filled with women and very few men. As awareness of the enormous blessings that Yoga can accord to all, the number of men taking it up in earnest is steadily on the rise.Be it a consciousness- widening effort or a physically satisfying stretching routine, Hatha Yoga rules the roost where a combination of body movements, breath regulation and mindfulness shapes bodies and explores deeper dimensions of the mind, both male and female.

With an increasing number of men seeking solutions to combat stress, reduce hypertension, calm frazzled nerves or simply achieve flexibility, Hatha Yoga is gaining exponential heights in the field of exercise options. Though masculine workouts are their prime target, men have now begun to balance it out with Yoga stretches considering the fact that it leads to overall well- being. Though once considered a feminine pursuit, Hatha Yoga has revealed its strengthening and endurance building qualities thus attracting men.The alarming rise of heart- related ailments in the modern world has driven men to explore the mental relaxing and spiritually soul satisfying aspects of Yoga.Whether it is a well-balanced physique, improved joint mobility, freedom from stress related health hazards or an enhanced sense of inner peace – Hatha Yoga puts forth a low-risk, high benefit exercise for both men and women.

Seniors stand to gain from hatha yoga

The most attractive thing about stepping into the realm of Yoga at any age is its adaptability. No matter how advanced in years a person may be, Yoga feels just right. It not only restores energy and vitality to ageing bodies and minds, but also gradually ushers in improved functionality. Since Hatha Yoga offers an integrated approach to health and fitness, its popularity among seniors is understandable. It provides a safe and comfortable platform to bring about physical and mental wellness so necessary for a productive lifestyle irrespective of how old a person is. Regular practice under the guidance of a teacher can work wonders with those who are looking for post- surgery recuperative methods , relief from disorders of the joints such as arthritis, prevent degeneration of the brain that may end in Alzheimer’s or dementia,aid for digestive issues or sleep disorders. The soft and gentle adaptation of postures suit holistic needs of senior citizens.

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