Hatha Yoga a worldwde phenomon

Hatha Yoga a worldwde phenomon

Rooted in India, branhed universally

Ancient India was home to the tradition of maintaining holistic health and fitness through Hatha Yoga. Through centuries, Yoga was held sacrosanct, available to only Hindu sages who passed on the knowledge to their shishyas or students in the Guru Parampara or teacher tradition. However, it did not take long for the western world to get a whiff of this wonderful science mastered by Indians. Many an enthusiast came to India and subjected themselves to rigorous practice and study under renowned teachers.

Slow yet steady progress was witnessed in the modern era, when Hatha Yoga began to appear in various countries in diverse forms. It was at the turn of the 19th century when there was an universal spurt of interest in physical fitness, that Hatha Yoga took the world by storm. Fuelled by progress in the photography field, Hatha Yoga poses and sequences spread like wildfire to the west especially America,  from india yoga arrive to america.

Yoga enters America and Europe

U.S.A. first took notice of Yoga in a big way at the Parliament of Religions at Chicago in 1894 where Swami Vivekananda held forth on the miraculous effects of Yoga.. His book Raja Yoga penned down in Manhattan,opened up a new vista to Americans who took it up with gusto. Many other revered teachers of Yoga such as B.K.S. Iyengar, Paramahansa Yogananda, travelled and spread the word on Hatha Yoga in the years to come in America and Europe.

The Hippie movement of the 60s had Americans visiting India in huge numbers attracted by it spiritualism and thereby exploring the world of Yoga.

Finding a hatha class in your vicinity

In India, Hatha Yoga was mostly to do with stillness and stability but as it moved towards the western world, it took on dynamic qualities.Studios to guide you into the elementary moves and further your progress into advanced poses can now be found in all areas and are promoted widely. Online presence of such yoga centres make it easy for you to find one in your locality. Word of mouth publicity is the best kind to rely on when it comes to choosing a Hatha class close to home.

Yoga in the park

For those on the lookout for Hatha Yoga sessions in the outdoors there is nothing to beat the trend of holding classes in the open. Parks and gardens make for an exhilarating yogic experience and many yoga trainers conduct open air yoga classes quite often. Weekends and holidays are perfect to blend into nature the healthiest way possible by participating in Hatha Yoga classes organised in parks full of greenery.

Join a group class for your hatha practice

The dynamic energy present in a group class works wonders in lifting your spirits and filling you with enthusiasm. Once you land on your mat amidst many other practitioners, you cannot help but be carried along with the flow of the class. Observing others as they settle into alignments required by Hatha Yoga can shed light on your own postures.Your yoga practice can be a joyful one as you move in rhythm of a group.

Or practise by yoursel

Home practice is a good way to gain focus and insight into the myriad elements of an asana. Books, videos and other guides can lend you the knowledge of diverse yoga poses, armed with which you can design your own sequence best suited to your needs. Personal practice develops characteristics of concentration and enhanced awareness in the quiet of your home. A comfortable space, customised music and personally paced positions lend themselves to a divinely satisfying experience, all of your own.

Take advantage of online yoga classes

We live in a world blessed with technology to ease our way into just anything we desire. Yoga is no different. Many an organisation and a multitude of trainers offer online yoga courses and classes to suit your needs. Take your pick of one that suits you best and reap the benefits of technologically advanced times. It is supremely convenient and comfortable to learn yoga online. Many trainers offer Skype classes too thus bridging distances around the globe.

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