Pre Natal Yoga TTC

Pre Natal Yoga TTC


Aayana Yoga Academy is a chain ofpremier yoga studios in Bangalore,Karnataka. A true learning centre foryoga, Aayana is the preferred place foryoga teachers and yoga aspirants inBangalore and around. The postmodern approach to yoga with theperfect blend of tradition makesAayana of a different kind. Aayanaoffers group classes in Power Yoga,Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Yin Yoga,Relaxation, Meditation, Kids Yoga andPrenatal Yoga. Aayana is one of theleading Yoga Alliance accredited yogateacher training institutes inBangalore offering 200 Hrs, 300 Hrs,Yin Yoga and Prenatal YTTC.

Aparna is a life-long student of yoga, certified yoga instructor (RYT 500, RPYT) and Founder ofStill Within School of Yoga. Most of her early yoga training was in India and she feels fortunate tobe able to share these simple and authentic teachings wherever she goes. She currently lives inVancouver, Canada where she works for the one of the Provincial health authorities as a ProjectManager, and run her yoga school. There is nothing she enjoys more than teaching – whether it isa beginner asana class, meditation or a teacher training course. She hopes to cross paths withknowledge seekers and looks forward to mutual learnings.

“The space between being a seed and being a tree is the trust that the seed is already a tree…it justneeds to become” – Mark Groves

What is Aayana? Yoga is a way of lifethat puts you in touch with yourself,to learn to listen to your body – andthat’s when real change can start totake place. We should all practice yogato journey inside of ourselves. Thechallenges and triumphs of life off themat, reflects our practice andexperience on the mat. In Sanskrit“ayana” is said to mean “goal,direction” or more specifically
“agood path” in terms of one’s lifejourney. Through yoga – a method ofpersonal transformation – we aim tohelp you to help yourself in yourjourney.

One thing we know from experience, post doing a coursewith us - things will never be the same.



6th February, 2021 to 21st March, 2021


Saturdays and Sundays

8:00am to 12:30pm (IST)


Virtual on Zoom – Live interactive sessions


Online hours with master teacher 4.5*14                            63 hrs

Others                                                                                         22 hrs

  • Mini assignments
  • Case Study
  • Observation of lead instructor
  • Minimum 5 hours of teaching

Total                                                                                             85 hrs


  1. Basics of pregnancy
    • Benefits of yoga during pregnancy
    • Contraindications

2. Anatomy and Physiology

    • Changes in the mother in 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimesters
    • Changes in the foetus in 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimesters
    • How these changes affect yoga practice

3. Modification of asanas throughout pregnancy

    • Use of props
    • Safety
    • Alignment
    • Adjustments, Corrections


      • Details of practices
      • Theoretical basics

5. Yoga Nidra and other relaxation techniques

6. Mudras

7. Post natal yoga

Meet our Master Teachers

Namaste! When I started doing yoga in 1991, it was for the pursuit of magical powers which I read about from books. But it didn’t go well for long and I abandoned it after 6 months. The second coming to yoga was for the pursuit of happiness. Read more …

Regeesh Vattakandy Chief Yogi

Mrinali is an Internationally trained Yoga Teacher – RYT 200, RYT 500 hours . She completed her bachelor’s degree in information science , but soon discovered that her true calling was yoga. She has been practising and teaching yoga. Read more …

Mrinali Chief Yogi

Course fee


INR 35,000 + 18% GST for registrations before 25th
January, 2021

INR 40,000 + 18% GST
for registrations after 25th
January, 2021

Includes: Tuition, Practicals,Certification, Course Material

Good internet connectivity, notepad and pen to take notes, disturbance free environment on your end
Non-refundable deposit of 20% of the fee to register. Balance fee to be paid within a week of course commencement.
All sessions are live and no recording will be done. We will not be able to entertain requests for recordings or sharing of the sessions. If for any reason, participant is not able to attend the residential leg of the course, arrangements can be made to send recordings of the activities of the day.

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