saee bapat

Saee Bapat

Saee Bapat is a Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher. She has been a national level swimmer since school days, a yoga teacher since 2008, marathon runner, and a health coach since 2014.

She holds a certification in Nutrition from Cornell University and a Masters in Yogic Science. She is constantly upgrading her knowledge of Holistic Nutrition and Yoga as the combination truly delivers rich rewards.

Her mission is to help people develop healthy and sustainable habits following time-tested principles. Through her online courses’ students develop healthier energetic lifestyles.

Holistic Nutrition is about feeding your body, mind and spirit to achieve your health and often, life goals. Clean Eating is a primary tool in this journey. It’s about making healthier choices in every aspect of our being. True health and happiness lie in embracing the way of nature and living per our evolved capabilities.

My role is to make your Holistic Nutrition and Clean Eating journey easier and happier!

Saee Bapat Yoga Teacher

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