Yoga teachers

Yoga teachers

Yoga is a science that dates back to near-forgotten times. It is a well of knowledge from which might be drawn precious treats for the body, mind and soul. But it is important that for this intricate system to work to its fullest, it be practiced like it was at the time of its origin.

Meet our yoga teachers and get to know how yoga changed their lives

Daya – Yoga Teacher

I am a life loving yogi who began practicing the art of Yoga from right from my early years of life when I was in sixth standard. I did my 200 Hours Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training certification from Atmayaan Yoga Academy, Bangalore in 2013. Later in 2014,

I completed my RYT 300  from Aayana Yoga Academy, Bangalore. I gained experience working for multiple branded yoga studios & holistic fitness centers … read more about Daya yoga master

Shilpi – Yoga Teacher

During an agitated and confused time in her life, she glimpsed in asana practice the possibility of refuge. As the practice became consistent over the years, that refuge has gone to open something deeper inside her. Yoga became the therapy session she spent with herself,

the mat became her world creating a space to reclaim the mind-body connection that the difficult phase of her life had severed.  Read more about Shilpi yoga master

Sumasree -Yoga Teacher

Sumasree’s journey as a professional yoga teacher began in 2007 when she completed her Yoga Instructor’s Course (YIC) from SVYASA, Bangalore. She has a degree in psychology and management. After a few years in the corporate world, she decided to take up Yoga on a full time basis and completed her 200 hr Teacher Training Course from Aayana Yoga Academy Bangalore.

She has a passion for teaching Yoga to Individuals with special needs. She also trains other Yoga teachers for the same. Read more about Sumraree yoga master

Dushyanth -Yoga Teacher


A soccer enthusiast. Yoga was not by choice. After I started working, I hardly had any time to play.I started yoga as an alternative to soccer. Since then there was no turning back, I got hooked. Yoga made me feel stronger than i seem, smarter than i think and braver than i believe.

I decided to do my teachers’ training @ Aayana. After the course, I was offered a job to teach and work with them.I decided happiness over money! As they say- If you can do what you do best and be happy, you are further in life than more people.

I always used to think too much and feel too little. But its the other way round now.

Ekta – Yoga Teacher

I got introduced to Yoga in 2011. Long hours at a desk job made me understand the need for physical fitness. Although I tried other forms of fitness nothing gave me the physical benefits and mental calmness like yoga did. I have always since had a deep faith in Yoga as the best tool to bring about wellbeing in ones life.

After working 8 years as an engineer, in 2015 I was looking at courses to train as a Yoga teacher. That’s how I found Aayana :-). I have been with Aayana as a teacher since a year now. It’s been a lovely experience being able to bring about positivity in people’s days. Thanks to Aayana for making Yoga such an integral part of my life.

Omkar – Yoga Teacher

Brought up in a middle class Indian family, Yoga was known as a traditional way of exercise to me in childhood. It was during my vacations of 8th standard that I got introduced to a personality development course conducted by Vivekananda Kendra, Solapur.

My health was not that good, due to poor breathing and digestive problems were constant in those years. Talking to new people or even simply introducing myself to them was a daunting task. I used to be depressed, suffered from bouts of anxiety and had an inferiority complex. Read more about Omkar

Sumeet – Yoga Teacher

Summet yoga teacher

Sumeet is a RYT500 and E-RYT200 Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher and Consultant. His journey in yoga began as most of everyone’s would – to lose weight! Losing weight was the catalyst for a dramatic change in his life, a change which helped him find his alternate passion. The starting point for this change was when he signed up for a yoga class, overweight and struggling with 90kgs. With practice, yoga took hold of him in ways he didn’t fully understand then – other than the good physical changes happening to him, there was this shift and transformation which he couldn’t exactly put his finger on, but something felt different. Read more about Sumeet yoga master.

Yuva – Yoga Teacher

Armed with a graduation in engineering and a post graduate degree in business administration as well as a diploma in Journalism, this Yogi inspires others to step into their own heart’s calling. During his 3 years of corporate work experience. Yuva had a disillusionment of sorts. Thoughts on what’s the point living like a rat, of spending long days at a desk job, health complications, no quality time with loved ones, a larger purpose in life started gnawing his spirit. Read more about Yuva yoga master

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