Yoga teachers

Yoga teachers

Yoga is a science that dates back to near-forgotten times. It is a well of knowledge from which might be drawn precious treats for the body, mind and soul. But it is important that for this intricate system to work to its fullest, it be practiced like it was at the time of its origin.

Meet our yoga teachers and get to know how yoga changed their lives

Shilpi – Yoga Teacher

During an agitated and confused time in her life, she glimpsed in asana practice the possibility of refuge. As the practice became consistent over the years, that refuge has gone to open something deeper inside her. Yoga became the therapy session she spent with herself,

the mat became her world creating a space to reclaim the mind-body connection that the difficult phase of her life had severed.  Read more about Shilpi yoga master

Mrinali – Yoga Teacher

Mrinali is an Internationally trained  Yoga Teacher – RYT 200, RYT 500 hours . She completed her bachelor’s degree in information science , but soon discovered that her true calling was yoga. She has been practising and teaching yoga from the year 2010. She is also a part of teacher training programs , specializing in the anatomy and physiology of yoga asanas and movement.

She is certified from  Yoga Synergy (Australia) ,  in  Applied Anatomy and Physiology

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Swami Taponidhi – Yoga Teacher

Swami Taponidhi Yoga Teacher

Swami Taponidhi Saraswati was initiated into Dasnami Sannyasa tradition by his Guru Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, the Spiritual Head and Paramcharya of Bihar School of Yoga, in January 2004.

– Certificate course and TTC in Yoga from Ghantali Mitra Mandal, Thane Mumbai in 1999

– First in Mumbai University in 2001 on completion of
‘Diploma in Yogic Studies”

– “Master of Science in Applied Yogic Sciences” from
Bihar Yoga Bharati the first Yoga University, in 2003

Read more about Swami Taponidhi yoga master

Ila Kumar – Yoga Teacher

Ila Kumar Yoga Teacher

A little over a decade, Ila left behind a successful (and stressful) career in journalism to embrace motherhood. Ever since, life on the yoga mat has been a fulfilling and enriching journey. Having practiced Vinyasa, Hatha and Iyengar style of yoga over a period of 9 years of practice and 5 years of teaching, she is now more inclined towards taking her practice beyond the asana and making concerted efforts to feel the difference between a posture and an asana.

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A fitness enthusiast for more than 15 years. A software professional.
My yoga journey started as a remedy for my back injury, but it did more than that by positively
transforming my body and mind. Then I knew there was nothing for it but, to teach yoga. I teach as I
practice, encouraging students to feel and find better alignment, which is unique to them.
Graduated from Aayana, has been leading sessions online for more than 2years.


Omkar – Yoga Teacher

Brought up in a middle class Indian family, Yoga was known as a traditional way of exercise to me in childhood. It was during my vacations of 8th standard that I got introduced to a personality development course conducted by Vivekananda Kendra, Solapur.

My health was not that good, due to poor breathing and digestive problems were constant in those years. Talking to new people or even simply introducing myself to them was a daunting task. I used to be depressed, suffered from bouts of anxiety and had an inferiority complex. Read more about Omkar

Regeesh – Yoga Teacher

Portrait of Regeesh Vattakandy Aayana founder

Namaste! When I started doing yoga in 1991, it was for the pursuit of magical powers which I read about from books. But it didn’t go well for long and I abandoned it after 6 months. The second coming to yoga was for the pursuit of happiness.

The second coming to yoga was for the pursuit of happiness. I was not happy with the way my life was going, only later to realise that I was clinically depressed. The glimpse of happiness from the earlier experience of yoga, combined with my insight drew me to yoga again, but more genuinely and regularly. That was the turning point for a new life to me. I gradually became happy, life became more beautiful.

Read more about regeesh yoga master

Saee Bapat – Yoga Teacher

Saee Bapat Yoga Teacher

Saee Bapat is a Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher. She has been a national level swimmer since school days, a yoga teacher since 2008, marathon runner, and a health coach since 2014.

She holds a certification in Nutrition from Cornell University and a Masters in Yogic Science. She is constantly upgrading her knowledge of Holistic Nutrition and Yoga as the combination truly delivers rich rewards.

Her mission is to help people develop healthy and sustainable habits following time-tested principles. Through her online courses’ students develop healthier energetic lifestyles.

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Industrial engineer by profession and a yoga teacher by passion.

A decade in the corporate burned her out, and was diagnosed with lifestyle disorders of PCOD and
hypothyroidism. She says she wanted to seek something more meaningful in her life, and she found yoga.
There was no looking back after that.

Graduated from Aayana in 2018, 4 + years of teaching experience as a yoga lead at Cult.Fit, creating yoga
content for various yoga platforms, teaching students with various afflictions, and teaching 1000 + kids has
been the most satisfying journey ever for, in her own words.
“Yoga has been a re-birth for me”
I always live by the quote from B.K.S Iyengar " yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better you
practice, the brighter the flame "

Shwetha Rahul

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