I am a life loving yogi who began practicing the art of Yoga from right from my early years of life when I was in sixth standard. I did my 200 Hours Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training certification from Atmayaan Yoga Academy, Bangalore in 2013. Later in 2014,

To know I completed my RYT 300  from Aayana Yoga Academy, Bangalore.

Last years I gained experience working for multiple branded yoga studios & holistic fitness centers. I uphold all the elements/mahabhutas, majorly representing element Apas/water. We ha to focus on mindfulness, breath work, alignment and leading students on a path to trust their own internal teacher. I aim to be an incredibly committed yogi and inspire everyone with my enthusiasm towards creativity and spirituality. Always I like to begin each class with a quote that exemplifies yogic philosophy – suggesting a heart attribute – such as patience, acceptance, generosity, non-judgment, curiosity, etc. – to accompany the student on her or his path of practice that hour.

I have varied interests and am a trained and certified 2nd Dan Black Belt holder and an authorized instructor under Karate Budokan International. I am also a contemporary dancer, always excited to combine my vast knowledge of the martial arts and dance with my yoga training to invite the student to create an artistic expression of body, mind and heart-spirit joining together. My love for fitness led me to expand my horizons, as a certified Zumba Fitness Instructor and certified Bokwa Fitness Instructor. In conjunction with all, I also hold a B.E. degree and work in an IT company.

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