Sumeet is a RYT500 and E-RYT200 Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher and Consultant. His journey in yoga began as most of everyone’s would – to lose weight! Losing weight was the catalyst for a dramatic change in his life, a change which helped him find his alternate passion. The starting point for this change was when he signed up for a yoga class, overweight and struggling with 90kgs. With practice, yoga took hold of him in ways he didn’t fully understand then – other than the good physical changes happening to him, there was this shift and transformation which he couldn’t exactly put his finger on, but something felt different.

Yoga had him hooked! He liked teaching and wanted to share the benefits of this practice with others. It made sense for him to take his love of yoga to the next level and he hasn’t looked back since. 16 kgs lighter and armed with a yoga teacher training courses, he was ready to gift this unique package of physical and mental transformation to others!

He has been teaching Vinyasa, Hatha and Gentle Yoga since the last four years. He conducts various corporate workshops and retreats. He helps people to overcome from lifestyle disorders like Thyroid, Backache, Migraine, Bone Density, High Blood Pressure, Stress, Epilepsy, and Depression.

He is an avid traveller and loves being outdoors. He believes it’s a wonderful way to learn about ourselves, just what a yoga practice also strives to teach.

He always believes in learning more, teaching more and putting a positive impact on people’s life with various yogic tools and techniques. He feels satisfied when he helps people to come out from their health issues and start living a healthy and peaceful life.

Apart from teaching yoga, he is a B.Tech IT and working as a Principal member in software development firm. His love for this practice keeps him going, juggling a 9-to-5 corporate job along with his classes and practice. He is the perfect example of having overcome the conflict of having a successful stable career and a purposeful vocation. He nurtures relationship with his students — connects, listens and cares genuinely — keeping in mind that the practice he teaches is for them, not him.

He owes it to his yoga practice – transitioning from a crazy busy full time corporate job to a slower mentally relaxing part time job of a yoga teacher with finesse – and this is the balance between effort and ease, in yoga and life that we aim to achieve as we practice with him.

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