Armed with a graduation in engineering and a post graduate degree in business administration as well as a diploma in Journalism, this Yogi inspires others to step into their own heart’s calling. During his 3 years of corporate work experience.

Yuva had a disillusionment of sorts. Thoughts on what’s the point living like a rat, of spending long days at a desk job, health complications, no quality time with loved ones, a larger purpose in life started gnawing his spirit. It was during a 3 months sabbatical that Yoga found Yuva! Like a breath of fresh air in his life, Yoga brought more positivity and peace. His interest in exploring alternative therapies peaked and a 200 Hr TTC from Aayana Yoga in the Himalayas followed next, a 300 Hr TTC a couple of years later, thus embarking on the journey as a yoga teacher.

Having completed his Aerial Yoga Level 1 and 2 Training, under an international teacher, Yuva’s flight as a yoga teacher has literally soared off!

He has interest in Yoga for Special Needs children and people in the autistic spectrum. He is experiencing tremendous enrichment and is passionate about Somatics and exploring movement to heal children with disabilities.

With his heart into yoga, he is on a drive to do something more purposeful with his life. For Yuva, every yoga practice is a journey towards the heart – an attempt to heal and discover our truest self.

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